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The Cottage Pantry
Gourmet Edibles

Located in Delta, British Columbia, Canada - an urban/rural farming area near Vancouver BC - The Cottage Pantry has been making farm-to-table gourmet edibles since 2007.

Our mission is to use organic, local and BC grown fruits, berries and vegetables to create delicious and good-for-you jams, jellies, preserves, savories & fruit vinegars. We also do seasonal baking; crafting fruit pies, breads and other baked goods using organic sugar, flours and Gluten Free grains and flours.
Why Local & Organic? 
Here in BC we are trying to preserve as much farmland as possible in the urban-rural margins of our cities so that we have a more sustainable food source system. We're also working on improving water quality for fish habitats. All the scientific evidence shows that reducing the use of pesticides and herbicides in agricutural production and using organic farming methods creates a healthier ecosystem, on land and in the water.

So that's why at The Cottage Pantry we source local and organic!
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